The team at Urban Armour are passionate about supporting the community with Australian Made products. Bringing together our collective 180 years’ experience in Australian companies across the Food, Beverage, Hospitality, Manufacturing, Distribution and Automotive Industries, we strongly believe everyone should have easy access to the Australian Made Hand Sanitiser they can trust.

We proudly work collaboratively with Australia’s leading Infectious Diseases professionals to combat the new challenges to public health. It is through this partnership we support the evolution of our formulations to meet the Hand Hygiene needs of all Australians. Urban Armour Hand Sanitiser is Australian Made with 70% Alcohol. Designed for all individual, retail and workplace environments, Urban Armour Australian Made recyclable bottles are lightweight and robust for ease of use on any occasion.

We are asking all Australian retailers, workplaces and families to support community health by providing access to Australian Made hand sanitiser whenever and wherever we need it. By supporting Australian made products you are looking after community wellbeing and keeping Aussie jobs now and for the long-term future. Access to Australian Made hand Sanitiser is now the new normal. We have 2 hand sanitisers available, a 300ml Liquid Hand Sanitiser with Hop Oil & a 550ml Gel Hand Sanitiser, both are 70% ethanol.

Contact Dean Grant for more information.