Welcome to Rafting Australia, Our Whitewater paddling addiction started in 1976, yep that’s over 40 years ago!

So how can such a passion last so long? Easy, Victorian Whitewater rivers rival the best New Zealand, Cairns and Canada offer and to make it even better they are set in pristine wilderness the equal of Tasmania. Bet you didn’t know that! We offer river adventures from suburban Melbourne to the Snowy Mountains, for individuals, couples or mates and customised programs for groups, corporate experiences or outdoor education/school programs. Australia’s only specialist white water rafting business offering you one of the best days you will ever have.

Not only will you be challenged by our amazing rivers, your day will be filled with excitement, adrenalin, fun, laughter and friendship. Safety is taken very seriously and our record speaks for itself. 40 years, no ambulances, no helicopters, no evacuations, just 2 cuts to hands which required a few stitches! How do we do this? We employ local and international river professionals and the guy with 40 years experience is on every trip! Not all our trips are “white knuckle rated” we also offer mellower, relaxing river experiences closer to Melbourne on the Yarra, Big, Goulburn or King rivers.