Ray Purcell, parent of Old Boys Erik (2015) and Max (2018), is a director of OMP Sports Management.

OMP Sports Management is an AFL, ACA and NBA accredited boutique business managing young sportsmen and women who we feel have the capacity to develop into high profile players at the highest level.

Our primary focus is supporting and nurturing talented sportsmen and women, with the goal of providing our clients with the ideal environment to achieve their dreams as well as becoming financially secure and independent. OMP takes a personal approach, aiming to be involved with the athlete and their family throughout their career. Furthermore, OMP offers post career support to ensure clients are able to succeed in their chosen field upon retirement from sport.

The clear focus of OMP Sports Management is to assist our client’s focus with their on-field performance whilst we help them prepare for the future. We assist with financial management and direction through our expertise and in association with trusted advisors to seek to maximise a player’s earnings during his/ her career and by astute management post-career.

Players managed by OMP Sports Management have, during their careers and post-careers, been able to take advantage of opportunities presented to them and are in a substantially stronger financial position than at the commencement of their careers.

We have an available network of specialist coaches and fitness advisors to assist with skill development.

Directors Ray Purcell and Neil McMullin are both accredited AFL Player Agents.

Ray Purcell is an accredited NBA Agent.

Neil McMullin is an accredited ACA Agent.

OMP Sports Management
37 Melrose Street
Sandringham 3191

Tel: 9599 8800