The Roofing Specialist is one of the renowned local businesses with over 20 years’ serving to residents of Melbourne. We provide the most cost effective roofing solution!

To ensure the protection and longevity of your roof and reduce the need for future repairs, talk to the number one team in roofs today. Whether you are building or renovating, need repairs for a leak or just want to restore your home’s roof to its former glory. We are the roofing contractors that provide roof restoration, replacement and re-roofing services of the premium quality that manage any of your roofing needs.

Roof repairs are something that should never be put off until a rainy day – literally. If your roof needs work done to fix the tiles, finish the surface or to stop any leakage, then you will only save money in the long-term if you get us on top of it straight away. The protection of your family and your furniture is important to us, and we will ensure this work is always done efficiently and to the highest standard.

Colorbond roofing is one of Australia’s most trusted names in roofing, and for the very good reason. If you want a roof that is tough, looks amazing, lasts a long time and increases the value of your home, talk to us about your Colorbond roof replacement in Melbourne today.

When it comes to Roof Gutter Cleaning, some of the best solutions are really the simplest ideas. If you are sick of cleaning gutters or gutter replacement and would love to stretch out the time between trips up the ladder onto your roof, then invest in Gutter Guard. We have already made the lives of thousands of Aussie homeowners so much easier. Increase your safety well before next fire season and extend the life of your gutters today.

There is no job we can’t handle, no repair we haven’t already seen and no style of roof with which we aren’t already familiar. Our cutting-edge knowledge means that we provide the best work to give the most appropriate and permanent fix to your roof.

Our skilled and experienced team use only the best products and work hard to provide the high level of service for which we have become famous.

We are also constantly learning and polishing our skills in an industry that is ever-changing. We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of knowledge about new products and services to better every client’s experience.

We don’t just provide the service that you expect; we aim to exceed expectations with our level of attention to detail.

From tile repairs to metal roof repairs and everything in between, we are your roofing contractors. For professional, dedicated and licensed repairers, talk to us today.