A fresh approach to ink on paper.

Gunn & Taylor Printers. Born in central Melbourne in 1940. Our founding father, in fact grandfather, Ernest E. Gunn, had a vision – to build a company based on quality and service, integrity and community. He spent the next 40 years delivering on this vision, building a business and a brand built on these key values. Today, we embrace cutting edge technology and systems, the best work practices, and we cultivate a staff culture of dedication to the craft, never losing sightof our rich history. A fundamental part of our business thinking is building strong relationships with like-minded companies, understanding their specific needs and ultimately delivering what they both want, and need to be successful – on every level.

Relationship focused, not sales driven. It’s how we do it. We combine a multi-skilled and experienced team, offering a resourceful, flexible and committed group of professionals, who are dedicated to the craft. We number nearly 70 strong and strive 24-hours a day, seven days a week to make your communication pieces better. Our state-of-the-art, all Heidelberg plant, is at the cutting edge of print technology. Having the latest equipment certainly keeps us motivated to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in print and drives us to perform at a consistently high level. The mix of new technology and total in-house facilities, ensures timely and cost efficient production no matter what size the project and keeps us in total control of all aspects of quality. Process drives consistent results and our Quality Management. System drives continual improvement in everything we do.

Dedicated to the fine art of print

  • Independent Boutique Printer.
    • Delivering Quality and Service for over 70 years.
    • Annual turnover $18M.
    • Full time employees number 65.
    • 24 hour operation.
    • Financially sound with proven reputation.
    • A4 to A1 presses.
    • State of the Art production facility.
    • Secure premises including 24 hour CCTV and access control
    • Company wide employee confidentiality agreements
    • History of investing in new and innovative technology.
    • Total in house facilities.
    • Storage and Distribution.
    • Quality Assured – ISO 9001 QMS. (Audited)
    • Environmentally Accredited – ISO 14001 EMS. (Audited)
    • FSC Certified – FSC Chain of Custody. (Audited)
    • OHS Compliant – Safety Management System. (Audited)
    • ISO 12647 Colour Management System. (Audited)
    • Carbon Reduction Institute Member.